Saturday, June 11, 2016

Larry the Apple Farmer, the Truck Driver, and the Blacksmith has a Small Exhibit of Different Curios Every Day the Muskegon Farmers Market is Open for Farm Business.

When walking the Muskegon Farmers Market, be sure to stop by the booth where Larry sells apples and produce with his sister. Larry is a talented man, an experienced blacksmith, a truck driver and a collector of memorabilia. Each market day, he draws an item out of his collection to display attached to a metal post above the produce. Past Saturday, he showed a vintage photograph of Henry Ford on a plaque that preserved a hair of the automotive pioneer in glass. An article explained that Ford had his hair trimmed often, in private, by the same barber for years. The barber collected a few hairs, placed in an envelop.

Thursday, he showed vintage photographs of Muhammad Ali. Today, Larry put up a vintage photograph of Gordy Howe, signed in red ink by the hockey legend. Larry has a farm out near Grant, Michigan and he's granted me an open invitation to try out blacksmithery at his forge. Might have to take the man up on his invite. I hear he's pretty good. Sabryna, a woman who teaches jewelry making and chain-mail design at Red Lotus Gallery, has one of his wrought iron flowers in her collection. Wonder what else Larry has in his collection. By the way, and I wonder how he can afford to do it, you can ask Larry for a free apple on market days. I've crunched more than my fair share. Visit Larry and his sister's booths near the photography exhibits of Jeremy Church.

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