Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Miss Ruth Gives Wilbo Soul Food, a Good Conversation and a bit of Churching.

My friend Mal had posted a few endorsements of Miss Ruth's Deli at Getty and Apple. Today, I was shopping on Apple and I spotted the house on Getty where the owner, Miss Ruth, has served up soul food for thirty years. I popped first into the Mexican grocery store next door and looked at the shelves covered with staples, beans and rice and sauces. I loved how all of the produce, leeks and lettuce and fruit, reminded me of the farmers market with its fresh from the farm produce. I scanned the butcher's counter, noticing good deals on fajita meat and chorizo. To be honest, I had little idea how to turn all that good food into meals, resolving to look up recipes later. 

Over at Ruths, I had a choice between the rib dinner or the barbecue chicken dinner, each priced eleven dollars, paired with two sides. Mal had taken his feature, a blues band called Tre' and the BlueKnights, to Ruth's before the concert last week at his club, Dreamers Blues Bar. It looked like a good deal, but I had eaten a late lunch. So just to soak up some atmosphere, I ordered a slice of sweet potato pie, a full quarter of the pie! Miss Ruth kept me company as I nibbled and we watched Reverend Neil preach the good news on a gospel channel. I began to feel at home and ordered a coffee. The huge slice of pie had only set me back two dollars and fifty cents, so coffee was an easy pick.
 — at Ruth's Deli.

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