Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wilbo Writes an Open Letter to the Muskegon Museum of Art Asking for Bike Racks and Benches.

Open Letter to the Muskegon Museum of Art:

Dear Director Judy & Lee Brown, international man of mystery.

Might as well add Marguerite, who disproves the musical question, "How Do We Keep them Down on the Farm after They See Paree"? I am sure Paris wanted to keep her in Paris forever.

I cycled over on my bike, which is quite a rocker to my mind. I awaited a friend inside at the Lehane film, which apparently had the security of a Lehane film set. I understand. Millions in painting and sculpture await eternity securely inside.

We have benches on Western with little to explain their location but adjacency to the bus station. The museum has two marble benches, but located on the main street side, which is an entrance for art crusaders. Locals prefer the back. And yet, only a concrete wall encourages Dreamers and potential donors to loiter. Parisian gardens surely give the French more time to ponder the wonders of art left by earlier generations? Should Muskegon regard its visitors with less than Parisian seating?

Let's not compare the MMA sculpture gardens to the bicycle friendly gardens of Paris. Let's compare to Carmen's. Not of Spain, but Muskegon. Carmen's has that lovely rack sculpted by Aeneis Design. The Frauenthal has a comedy & tragedy bike rack to its credit. My rocker would prove a nuisance if chained to the ramp rail. All must be artsy if not design aware outside the museum, oui?

Yes, seeing the need, I should just write the check. And this writer living & working in Muskegon will when the screen plays sell. Until then, maybe there is a section of the membership that thinks sustainability. It's the same group who applauded the energy saving new lighting.

As always, many kind regards,

 — attending Ahfest Film Series at Muskegon Museum of Art.

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