Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Monday Night, Wilbo Checked in on the Michigan Trumpers to Learn their Plans and to Eat Free Fricano's Pizza.

Tonight, I attended the Trump event held by Ted Fricano and basically the Republican power base of the lakeshore. Seriously, it seemed that every delegate to the upcoming convention in midwinter showed up in Ted's hall. Scott Hagerstrom will be bringing his fight for Michigan chairman of the party to Ronna Romney McDaniels at that convention. And he'll bring the base that showed up for him tonight. Sure, they called it a "How We Won for Trump" talk. Really, it was a vision session on how Scott Hagerstrom plans to consolidate Republican power in the state in 2018, a big election year with powerful stakes. The governor seat is due to swing Democratic. The senate and house are up for grabs because so many elected representatives will leave office. Those houses must go Republican to his mind because 2020 brings another chance to gerrymander. He used the term redistricting. It will not be an easy year even with Trump in th White House. 

Ted had a bully pulpit tonight. First, he crowed that his restaurant did record business in September and October. He totally leased all his square footage at Fricano's Place as of this month. He issued a cry for his version of compassionate conservatism, which totally called for the elimination of abortion on demand. The business owner who roared at city hall in late summer will be roaring on a national stage soon. He's an Opera Singer and his speech went off as well as an aria. Expect his name on a lawn sign soon. Hate Ted Fricano if you want. You won't easily stop his ascent.

If Pizza is politics, Fricano made sure he flooded the ballot box. His kitchen delivered endless pizzas to the dining room and he deployed his most polite waiters. Everyone who wanted to go home with a pizza did.

The right will not be resting on its laurels.
 — eating pizza at Fricano's Muskegon Lake.

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