Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wilbo Celebrates the Birthday of his Friend, an Artist Named Eleanor.

On this birthday, I started reflecting on your name, Eleanor. I half expected it to be the name of a flower way back in time. Instead, I found it to be associated with an ancient French language and a woman who once was the most powerful woman in Europe, Eleanor of Aquitaine. She made the name popular for all time. As the name comes from Provence, that section of France above the Mediterranean Sea where Monet and the impressionists went to paint in the late nineteenth century, it's perfect for you. Maybe your painting will take you to Provence with an easel and a palette to paint landscape? The fields of lavender look like paintings of purple and gold stripes at sundown.

To quote the Wikipedia,

The name derives from the Provençal name Aliénor which became Eléanor or Eleonore in the northern Langue d'oïl and from there also to English.

Happy Birthday Aliénor.
 — at Aix En Provence 13100.

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