Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wilbo Reflects Upon His Morning at the Polls on the Day Donald Trump Won the Presidency.

The morning rush was exhausted quickly at City Hall. I posted ballot 349 as the 49th vote into the box for precinct Seven. Proudly I announce that I voted Marc Joseph Sosnowski for Board of Governors, Wayne State University. I am pleased to support my long time friend although our views might diverge. Hoping a time will come when the Democrats and Republicans are forced to build coalitions with lesser parties to gain office.

As for the rest of the ballot, County Clerk and County Surveyor ran unopposed. The board of Muskegon County Community College offered only two votes for two candidates, incumbents I believe. Judicial races favored incumbents if any competition existed at all. In my district, I had choice of one county commissioner, the incumbent. State Supreme Court had choices, and I met the Democratic and Republican candidates. Met the County Sheriff candidates, Luce and Michael Poulin.

It is hardly far fetched to say that only the Presidency, County Sheriff and Drain Commissioner hung in the balance. Even so, I resisted the temptation to vote early and paid a visit to my polling station, exercising my Democratic franchise. It's good to be enfranchised. As has been my habit, I struck up a few conversations at the poll, talking neighborly topics rather than candidates. The sign clearly said "No Campaigning". Didn't see poll challengers. Noticed an acquaintance from the public defenders office serving on the poll staff. No one was handing out literature near the polls outside the "No Campaign" line. I remember handing out last minute brochures for Jeffrey Prang, now the honorable assessor of Los Angeles County. Planning on visiting a few watch parties as I canvassed for about two weeks this time around. Which turned out to be a brutal experience I'll document later.
 — at City of Muskegon Government.

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