Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wilbo Had Two Uncles, One Called Three Handed Cass and One Called Pinochle Louie.

Three handed Cass drove into the night towards Chicago, two right hands on the Caddy's wheel. Riding shotgun, Pinochle Louie taught the kid on the back leather seat how to play his cards right .... mostly by teaching him Pinochle, Eucre and Texas Hold'Em. Nickel ante, Louie handed back the coins each time he cleaned the kid out. "Hey, Louie, put "The Blues Brothers" on the iPad for the kid to watch. "Does that mean we are on a mission from God?" asked Pinochle Louie. "Make like Frank Zappa and eat that question", shot back Three Handed Cass. "Keep chumming the Yo, Louie. Keep chumming the Yo". — at Muskegon Rescue Mission.

We gave a lift to a man who has served his community as a Knight of Saint Casimir for fifty years. I was two or three years old when he accepted his knighthood. The lodge goes by a quieter name too, the Sixth Street Hall.

The painting of three handed St Casimir is considered miraculous, circa 1520. The original is in Saint Casimir's Chapel in Vilnius Cathedral. — at Sixth Street Hall.

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