Wednesday, December 21, 2016

If an Obscure Sentence or Paragraph Appears on My Timeline, It's Intentional

I wake up every two hours at night, and usually I remember a fragment of a dream. I text a few seconds of that dream to Facebook. Dreams are real, but probably are not prophetic. In one theory, dreams are the brain's attempt to stay asleep when distracted. In another theory, dreams are wish fulfillment. I have the idea that dreams are worth remembering. A few sentences will recall the entire dream the next morning.

My grandmother, Aino, believed that dreams were prophetic and frequently talked about her dreams with her friends. She learned that I was hospitalized when I was nine years old. I was hospitalized for a long time by this illness. When she visited me, she related her dream from the night before my hospital admission. Our two story farm house had fallen into rubble, shaken by an earthquake. She arrived to see if she could be of aid. She found me on a stretcher, and she held my hand as help arrived. My mother, a believer in modern medicine, dismissed this dream as less than modern. And yet, I ponder this dream decades later. Why that dream the night before news arrived?

My mother knew to take me to the hospital because encephalitis was fought off my antibiotics. Sadly, I have no idea the depth of my grandmother's learning and all of my researches suggest that she possessed a body of knowledge beyond ken.

As I woke up this morning, my last dream related an impossible episode. My eyes followed the flight of a bald eagle through the woods north of Copper Harbor. His beak snapped shut on a dry maple leaf, she arrived at the nest an Ivory Billed Woodpecker had woven of twigs in the crook of a tree. Called the Lord God Bird, the Ivory Billed Woodpecker has not been found again after a single sighting. Without landing, the bald eagle transferred the leaf to the beak of the woodpecker. The episode stopped at this image.

This is an impossible episode. Talking about the symbols might be helpful. The bald eagle is a carnivorous bird that could make a meal of a woodpecker. However, I lived and worked in the Keweenaw, a land of woods where the bald eagle thrives. I am considering a job offer in Arkansas, where the Ivory Billed Woodpecker once was spotted in the swampy forests. If I move, I'll have to build a nest there. The eagle might have to help build a nest where the Lord God Bird dwells in hiding.

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