Tuesday, December 13, 2016

On the road to New Orleans, Wilbo Pauses for the Night in Bowling Green, Kentucky and Celebrates Life in the Historic Downtown.

The drive to New Orleans has been halted for the evening as I grew a bit drowsy as dark fell. I wondered about Bowling Green, Kentucky and so exited I-65. I saw a sign directing me to "Historic Downtown", and now find myself awaiting dinner at Verdi's on the town square, right next to a distillery of bourbon. I am reminded of dropping into Niagara-On-The-Lake for a night and I extended for a week. Could that happen in Bowling Green? Subie has plenty of oil and yet the Jiffy Lube guys in Carmel, Indiana said my oil plug had been screwed in slightly a kilter. Can't take it out without replacing all the oil. So I'll probably add a quart of Lucas once I'm one quart low to thicken up my oil. When I get home, my Tech at Fast Eddie's and I are going to have a talk. For now, Bowling Green is home, and I am charmed. The owner has brought me little loaves of bread to dip into virgin olive oil and balsamico. Dad had a bakery in the old country called Verdi 80 years ago, hence the name of the establishment. As the Greek Salad arrives, I see I have ordered too much food. The Greek Salad was amazingly fresh, the Pasta Verdi al dente and delightful and I learn Germany is the old country for this family.

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